Evan Quigley

Guitar and Drums Teacher

Evan Quigley is an experienced touring guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer. He is the founding member as well as the guitarist and vocalist of the New Jersey surf rock group Ham by the Pound, and has recorded multiple projects with that group, as well as playing extensively with other groups such as Foxhedge, Non Euclidean Geometry, Autumn You, The Gettysburg Address, and Jonestown ‘77. He currently studies music and psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, while simultaneously performing with multiple outfits and learning baroque and classical organ. He has been performing original music for the past five years, and has played notable venues such as Asbury Park’s Stone Pony, Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live, and Milwaukee’s Summerfest. His most recent work is Ham by the Pound’s new single “Alice”, which has received 2,000 streams in the first week of release and is currently available on all major streaming platforms.


Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the most important thing about learning an instrument is enjoyment. I prefer to keep my lessons focused on the student and the student’s interests, and handcraft my curriculum depending on the individual I am working with. Given my background in improvisation and arranging, I like to tailor an arrangement of a song a student might enjoy listening to based on their skill level and specific techniques they might be working on, and I strongly believe that this is the best way to keep students engaged and foster a love for music, which is the most important thing about learning any instrument.